How to take charge of your menopause symptoms with acupressure

Our research has shown that acupressure is game changing for easing some of the unwanted consequences of menopause naturally. As a result, and leading the way in this space, our team took the unique step of aligning pressure points with the causes of menopause symptoms in order to provide targeted relief. 

In this article we wanted to explain how we developed our techniques, used in our spa treatments for hormone balance in which we train therapists, and also helping you incorporate acupressure into your home wellbeing.


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The science behind acupressure for menopause 

As with everything we do, in-depth research was our starting point. We already have knowledge of acupressure from our professional training, but when it comes to developing products and treatments we always want evidence. 

Our research began with our State of the Art Scoping Review, commissioned from the UK’s Keele University. It provides academic validation and statistical scrutiny of holistic therapies on specific symptoms. The research validated the use of acupuncture to ameliorate the unwanted physical and emotional consequences of menopause. We then translated this knowledge into the less invasive acupressure approach.

The reason we wanted to use acupressure to address these particular symptoms is because acupuncture (and as a result, acupressure), has a broad spectrum of benefits, making it highly effective and useful in the management of menopause. Acupressure is also less invasive than acupuncture, which makes it more accessible. The key element is that we were looking at treating causes instead of symptoms through acupressure points.

We looked at symptom groups and matched the acupoints that would be useful for those symptoms. For example, if you're struggling with sleep there's a kidney point on the ankle that we will work on. The ultimate focus is on how you feel at the end of the treatment.

Where there is a departure from acupuncture and acupressure treatments is in the length of stimulation - acupuncture needles are often left in for quite a long time to stimulate energy - at least five minutes. It's not feasible in a spa treatment to stimulate a point for that long with acupressure, so the therapists we train then apply acupressure plasters. These contain a small seed which continues to apply pressure and provide wellbeing at home. It also means you can learn to stimulate those points yourself, which is quite empowering - exactly what you need when you're not feeling yourself.


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Menopause side effects that acupressure can help with

While acupressure is used by lots of people to address lots of different things (such is its great appeal), we focused our research on key areas of concern during menopause in order to provide targeted information and support. The areas we focused on with our acupressure points are as follows: 

• Sleeplessness

• Stress and anxiety

• An inability to focus

• Low energy levels

• Low confidence levels

• Headaches 

• Hot flushes

The benefits we have seen from incorporating acupressure into our spa treatments and for home use include:

• Reduced anxiety levels

• Reduced hot flushes

• Facial rejuvenation

• Elimination of some wrinkles

• Decrease of facial swelling

• Decrease of acne (changing hormones can cause many skin conditions)

• Improvement of facial muscle tone

• Improved skin texture with tighter pores

• Decrease of sagging around the eyes, cheeks, chin and neck


Skincare with phytohormones 
Comforting Night Body Oil

Combining acupressure with phytoestrogens 

Crucially, our research showed that the combined use of acupressure alongside phytoestrogens (plant hormones), provides effective solutions to many of the unwanted emotional and physical consequences of menopause.

We have used this knowledge in all of our MPlus skincare products, which harness the power of plants with 100% natural ingredients. Products are designed to be used as part of your daily wellbeing routine. However, they can also be used to treat the skin whenever you feel like it. 

For example, in addition to morning and evening skincare routines, treats for the skin include our Motivating Morning Body Oil, which is a luxurious product to apply to the skin any time using small circular motions to add zest to your day. The ingredients help to ease tension, energise, uplift, and improve the appearance of the skin thanks to a combination of grapeseed, coconut oil, Vitamin E, lavender, lemon and rosemary. In the evening you can also try our Comforting Night Body Oil to support sleep.


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