Can menopause make you tired?

Sleeplessness is a big problem for women during menopause, which can naturally lead to tiredness. In addition, the physical symptoms - emotional ups and downs, hot flushes and low energy levels can also lead to fatigue. 

Some lifestyle adjustments or hormonal treatments can help with this, so don’t suffer in silence, make sure you talk - it will help to find management processes that suit you.

Our top tips for aiding sleep

  • develop a bedtime routine 
  • have a hot bath dosed with magnesium salts just before bed
  • find some specialist products loaded with sleep enhancing essential oils and use them
  • a heated eye mask can lure you to sleep, especially if you have awoken during the night
  • use ear plugs 
  • make sure your bedding is fresh (this makes an enormous difference) 
  • learn to breathe
  • exercise 
  • get plenty of fresh air
  • avoid screens before bed
  • find a good book (but not too good)
  • go easy on the stimulants 
  • try giving up alcohol


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