Demanding Menopausal Democracy

Usually, we hear two voices, conservative and labour, democratic and republican, my voice, and that of my husband. There is always a different perspective.

Why then is the world of support for menopausal women a dictatorship?

Where is the second voice? 

I have looked far and wide.

Menopause support sites,  are, on the whole, not aspirational and not glamourous. They list problems, often 34 problems, with few solutions. They share a narrative, all, non-pharmaceutical, solutions are snake oil.

Menopausal women appear to be vulnerable, requiring protection from unscrupulous marketeers, I kid you not, and spend a lot of time with their head in their hands, looking downright miserable.

I demand democracy. is the second voice, the other perspective. We provide information and support, we improve and we educate, we listen and we talk, but, more, we celebrate.

We have survived all that earlier life has thrown our way, giving us the skills to deal with everything coming. We have found ourselves, we lead corporations, we are comfortable in our own skin, we are wise, we are forthright, we build businesses, we employ people.  

We have done the hard part, the future is ours.

Welcome to The Menopause Plus.