My name is Jennifer Young. I am the founder of   

I have a first degree in Biology, a Postgraduate degree in Occupational Health and another in Law and I am an associate member of the Royal College of Medicine. I used to work as an expert witness, advising the Courts in cases of dispute. After a long and varied career I retrained as an aromatherapist, beauty and holistic therapist, nutritional therapist and product formulator.
I started working with those experiencing menopause in 2013, when I created  Whilst I  became the recognised expert in wellness and specialist skincare for those living with and beyond cancer, I learned a lot about medical menopause. 
The majority of those who came to us for help and support were undergoing a treatment which plunged them into an instant and severe menopause. I heard about the hot flushesthe sleepless nightsthe itchy skin and the low moods

I help these women and I want to help you.

While it’s not often discussed in the doctor’s office, or anywhere else, the unexpected consequences of menopause can be extremely distressing and undermining to a sense of self, at a time when you have enough to think about. Dry, tight, itchy, lined skin,  and brittle nails are commonly reported, as are feelings of anxiety, low mood, lowered self-esteem and waning self-confidence

I am driven by my strong sense of injustice. It is appalling that those ‘of a certain age’ are ignored by the beauty industry, being offered the same at a time when we feel different . 
I was determined to use the expertise born from a decade of working with those experiencing medical menopause, to help those as they move through a natural period of life. I created a skincare collection that meets the needs of anyone in any of the stages of menopause. 
That’s the start of the story, I could go on, but you get the idea. It always was, and remains an honour to be able to help people at a tricky time in their lives.