MPlus founder, Jennifer Young is the chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Hormonal Wellness Initiative. Initiatives are led by individuals who are renowned thought leaders in the area of their initiative.

Jennifer leads this group as she is a renowned thought leader in Menopausal Wellness.

Jennifer has worked with menopausal women since 2013, developing both products and services to  bring relief to the 34 symptoms of menopause, experienced at each of the 3 stages of menopause.

MPlus founder, Jennifer’s Hormonal Wellness Initiative brings together experts from across the world, with the aim of further exploring ethnicity and menopause as well as the potential benefits of complementary therapies.

The aims of the Hormonal Wellness Initiative will be served by Jennifer’s ambitious Project Menopause Million.

Menopause Million is the biggest global research study into menopausal symptoms ever undertaken. The project takes the form of an online questionnaire, to be completed by one million women globally, seeking information about problems and solutions.

The research study has two objectives:

Objective 1: to identify menopausal symptoms and treatments with global relevance

Objective 2: to identify specific complementary therapies which ameliorate groups of menopausal symptoms 

In 2018, Jennifer has commissioned research from the UK’s Keele University to better inform the questions used and subjects covered by Project Menopause Million.

She is now working with the University of Birmingham on a second project to provide academic validation for the online questionnaire. Thus allowing for its findings to undergo academic statistical scrutiny and for a research paper to be published.