Menopause Skin Care by Jennifer Young

Self-Heating Eye Mask



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Backed by science and developed by a company with strong links to self-heating technology, these luxurious eye masks promote relaxation and comfort thanks to an infusion of mind and body calming aromatherapy scents developed from natural essences.

Poor energy

Find a tranquil place to rest and recline, open the pouch and unfold your Luna Eyes Mask
Gently place the Luna Eyes Mask over your eyes and fit the loops comfortably around your ears
Within a couple of minutes, you’ll begin to feel a gentle sensation as the Luna Eyes Mask warms up
Simply allow yourself to drift off as you enjoy approximately 25 minutes of deeply relaxing and soothing warmth.

If using on children (aged 5+), you may need to secure with an extra knot to tighten the loops - adult supervision advised while children wear the mask.

Individually wrapped self heating eye masks

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