Jennifer Young Menopause

Diffuser Collection


Total Set Value £60

  • Formulated to help ease the unwelcome emotional and physical consequences of menopause.
  • A collection of two diffusers including a Motivating Morning Diffuser and a Comforting Night Diffuser to support a daily wellbeing routine.
  • Supercharged with therapeutic essential oils to energise in the morning and relax in the evening, including lavender, lemon, bergamot and benzoin.
  • 100% plant based, organic ingredients - no synthetics.
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly.


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Enveloping you in wellbeing by filling your home with the aromatherapy benefits of carefully selected essential oils, our Diffuser Collection features two diffusers designed to uplift in the morning and relax in the evening.

Both formulated to help with the unwelcome emotional and physical consequences of menopause, each diffuser has been designed to offer distinct wellbeing benefits associated with menopause.

The Motivating Morning Diffuser is imbued with essential oils including lavender, lemon and rosemary, selected to improve energy levels and beat feelings of tiredness at the start of the day.

The Comforting Night Diffuser soothes away the stresses of the day, brings a sense of warmth and comfort, and helps to prepare mind and body for sleep, containing essential oils including lavender, mandarin, benzoin and bergamot.

Changing hormone levels during menopause (notably the loss of oestrogen and progesterone) causes a range of physical and emotional side effects including changes to your mood ranging from low energy and fatigue to depression and anxiety. Some of the changes include the following:

A lack of energy
Brain fog
Low moods including anxiety and depression
Interrupted sleep (trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep)

A wellness routine using purposefully selected ingredients including natural aromatherapy oils, can be an important part of addressing hormonal imbalance holistically, supporting mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our MPlus range has been created specifically to address the unwelcome emotional and physical consequences of menopause.

These two diffusers are imbued with uplifting lavender, lemon and rosemary for the morning, as well as soothing lavender, mandarin, benzoin and bergamot for the evening.

These two diffusers add support in their own right, but also work in perfect harmony with our menopausal skincare collections for morning and evening.

Motivating Morning Diffuser:
Isopropylideneglycerol (Augeo), Lavendula angustifloria (Lavender), Citrus limonum (Lemon), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary), Geraniol', Limonene', Linalool', Citral', Natural constituents of essential oils.

Comforting Night Diffuser:
Isopropylideneglycerol (Augeo), Citrus bergamia (Bergamot), Lavendula angustifloria (Lavender), Citrus reticulate (Mandarin), Styrax tonkinensis (Benzonin), Citral', Limonene, Linalool', Geraniol', Benzyl benzoate', Benzyl Cinnamate', Natural constituents of essential oils.


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