How to improve skin tone in menopause

While collagen production starts to slow from the age of around 25, the drop in oestrogen levels that you experience during menopause escalates that change. As a result, skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause, leading to signs of sagging and skin generally looking less plump or toned. While you can't totally prevent or reverse that change, there are things you can do to improve skin tone during menopause so you look and feel your best with healthy looking skin.

Eat foods with antioxidants to improve skin strength

Wellness starts from the inside out, and diet is the foundation of our wellbeing. Our skin mirrors what's going on inside our bodies, so what we eat is essential for looking and feeling our best. A generally healthy diet is important for everyone, but for women before, during and after menopause it can be an important tool in helping your body to navigate change. As Lifestyle Medicine Physician Dr. Shashi Prasad says:

"Nourishing food is really important. Women need to go for a healthy well balanced diet, unprocessed whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of protein. They can consider adding Vitamins and Minerals to their diet - Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Omega 3, Magnesium can be very helpful."

In particular, when it comes to skin tone, incorporate plenty of antioxidants. You will find them in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, which get their pigment from these healthy compounds.



Menopause Collagen Face Cream


Add collagen into your skincare routine

While we can't create more collagen, we can give skin a bit of a boost to improve tone and texture. Our Menopause Collagen Face Cream plumps, nourishes and hydrates skin with the power of plants. For example, it contains neroli and vetiver which help promote cell regeneration and improve elasticity, as well as hydrating coconut oil and calming petitgrain.


Kansa Wand & Acupressure Plaster Set

Massage skin to improve tone

Massage is good for just about everything, from reducing tension to ease that furrowed brow, to facilitating the dilation of surface capillaries to give your skin a healthy glow as blood flows more easily, improving colour and tone. Our Kansa Wand is a brilliant way to administer facial massage as part of your daily skincare routine. In addition, the metal alloy is composed primarily of copper, which has detoxifying, antimicrobial, complexion boosting and cleansing properties.


Motivating Morning Facial Spritz

Skin toners to tone

The clue is in the title on this one, but a classic toner is always an important part of your regular skincare routine, helping to tone the skin as well as hydrate it. Our Motivating Morning Facial Spritz is supercharged with naturally occurring plant hormones and energising essential oils to hydrate and tone the skin whilst balancing the mind. It can also be used as a refreshing spray throughout the day to help ease hot flashes/hot flushes.



Need a spritz best suited for skin undergoing menopause?