Meet Dr. Verity Biggs, GP & Women's Health Expert

Meet Dr. Verity Biggs

"I am a 41-year-old GP, and mum of identical twin girls. It took me a while and many years of struggling with varying symptoms and seeing specialists to finally get a trial of HRT after starting with earlier peri-menopausal symptoms from around the age of 35. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 41, and so have now had a surgical menopause. 

So, I understand the struggles and feel passionately that women need to be listened to. There is not a set age for the transition into menopause to start and we must be able to listen to our bodies.

As a GP I regularly treat other hormonal conditions and use HRT, but it can be so confusing when faced with a huge host of HRT preparations and knowing what we should be using and when. I have undertaken further training and have a Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, and Menopause training with the British Menopause Society, the International Menopause Society, and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. 

Alongside my NHS work, I am also the Women’s Health and menopause Lead at a private clinic, H3 Health - This clinic focuses on healthcare for people over the age of 40."


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