Meet Emily Servante, Personal Trainer turned Global Trainer Education Manager

Meet Emily Servante
"I studied Modern and Middle Eastern Languages at the University of Manchester, before qualifying and working as a translator.
However, wanting to seek a more fulfilling career, I began lifting weights when I was 25 and, a couple of years later, undertook my Personal Training qualification.
After working in commercial gyms for about two years, I took up a role as one of Ultimate Performance’s top-ranked female personal trainers at U.P.’s London City and Kensington gyms, where I worked with scores of clients to help them achieve their body transformation goals. I also managed U.P.’s social media channels, and with my background in translation and copy editing, later took up a pivotal role in developing the internal trainer education.
In April 2021, I moved into a full-time role at U.P.’s headquarters in Manchester as Global Trainer Education Manager, building learning management tools and education certifications for our trainers as part of U.P.’s leading mentorship scheme. I also work closely with the marketing team to research and produce educational content for clients and the general public.
I have undertaken extensive research and writing into the effects of the menopause, and how resistance training and the right nutrition can ameliorate peri and post-menopausal symptoms."


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