Gift guide: what do you buy someone who is going through menopause?

Whether it's a birthday, you're getting your head into gift buying mode for the holiday season, or just because,  it isn't always easy to know what to buy our loved ones to show we care. For our part, we always want to show that we have really thought about the gifts we give, and taken time to choose something we think the recipient will really like and enjoy. 

For women in menopause, being 'seen' by loved ones is an amazing thing, as we can often feel isolated and misunderstood. Choosing gifts that are joyful, sensitive, positive and helpful can be a thoughtful way to do just that. 

Here's our guide for choosing gifts for women in perimenopause or menopause to help them feel their best and thrive through and beyond hormonal change.

Ease menopausal headaches 
Mental Clarity Body Oil

Tension soothing gifts for menopausal headaches

Headaches are amongst the most common consequences of hormonal change during menopause, which, aside from being unpleasant in their own right can also contribute to low moods and sleep disruption leading to fatigue. Our Well Being Beauty Mental Clarity Body Oil helps to reduce stress and tension, and ease headaches with a soothing combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and soft lavender.

Refreshing spray for hot flushes 
Motivating Morning Body Spritz

Refreshing gifts for hot flushes 

Hot flushes are much more than feeling a bit warm - they can be quite overwhelming and uncomfortable, and the majority of women who go through menopause experience them to some degree. Our Motivating Morning Body Spritz cools and refreshes with gently scented and rejuvenating rosemary water in this 100% plant-based product. It accompanies our Comforting Night Body Spritz, for the evening which also helps to relax the mind and prepare the body for sleep.

Anti-ageing skincare routine  
Revitalising Motivating Morning Routine

Luxury skincare for menopausal skin

As oestrogen levels drop during menopause it causes changes to the skin including increased lines and wrinkles as well as dryness and sensitivity. Our Revitalising Motivating Morning Routine is a complete skincare routine for menopausal skin, containing eight products with naturally occurring plant hormones, like geranium to address signs of ageing as well as the unwanted consequences of menopause. 

Relax for a good night's sleep 
Comforting Night Body Oil

Relaxing gifts for disrupted sleep 

Sleep problems during menopause can be caused by a number of things - fluctuating hormone levels themselves as well as other disruptive symptoms, like hot flushes, which make it hard to rest throughout the night. Our Comforting Night Body Oil nourishes the skin whilst also containing therapeutic essential oils including lavender, bergamot, red mandarin and benzoin to ease tension and prepare the body for sleep.

For mood swings and anxiety 
Comforting Night Diffuser

Calming gifts for menopausal women

Mood changes, anxiety and a lack of confidence are common during menopause. Some are influenced by other factors like sleep disruption, part of it is to do with the changes in hormone levels which impact serotonin levels, and part of it is the knowledge that we are moving into a new phase of life. Triggering the olfactory system with aromatherapy is one of the best ways to influence our mood. Our Comforting Night Diffuser infuses the air with scents of lavender, mandarin, benzoin and bergamot, add therapeutic benefits to calm the mind, bring warmth and comfort, and ease tension caused by menopause.

At The Menopause Plus we also have a range of gift sets for those who want to give the complete hormone balancing luxury skincare experience to loved ones. Choose from our Relaxing Night Body Routine, Relaxing Night Face Routine, or our Revitalising Motivating Morning Routine, for example.



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