Is massage good for menopause?

Is massage good for menopause?

The short answer to this question as far as we’re concerned is that massage is good for everything - it’s just a question of how it’s adapted for individual needs.


How does massage help with menopause? We know that on a very general level, massage is a wonderful way to relax and boost your mood. It’s also a very powerful way of getting back in touch with your own body and being comfortable in your own skin. When life is hurling changes at you, that can be undermining to your self-esteem. A massage can really help, especially with the support of an empathetic and understanding therapist.

Typical symptoms of menopause range from hot flushes to low moods. Therefore, being able to adapt massage to individual needs, as you would in any other circumstance, is really important for providing a meaningful massage to someone going through or beyond menopause.


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