Perimenopause: its impact on our skin and what to do about it

There are three stages of menopause: perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. Perimenopause is perhaps the least discussed of the three, with symptoms occurring up to 10 years before women actually go into menopause itself. That means that for some women it starts as early as 35. Roughly one in 100 women experience perimenopausal symptoms before the age of 40, although generally it occurs at some time between 45 and 55. 

The symptoms of perimenopause (all 34 of them) are wide reaching. As with all stages of menopause they tend to be experienced to different degrees by each individual. In this article however, we wanted to look at the impact that perimenopause has on our skin, and what we can do about it.

The impact of perimenopause on our skin

Redness caused by hot flashes 

Hot flashes are one of the most commonly reported symptoms at different stages of menopause, including perimenopause. When it comes to our skin, they’re not only uncomfortable but can also result in a flushed appearance.

Pigmentation from hormonal changes

Melasma, or skin pigmentation, is generally more common during the second phase of menopause, but some women start seeing signs of it earlier. It generally appears on the cheeks, upper lip and forehead, and can be a combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure.

More fine lines and wrinkles

Changing hormone levels are a key culprit in the emergence of more lines and wrinkles as oestrogen deficiency affects elastin fibres. During perimenopause, it's most likely  they will be fine lines, but you might notice they are more prevalent.

Reduced plumpness from collagen loss

Skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause. That said, collagen production starts to slow from the age of around 25, so this isn't something that suddenly starts to happen, it just escalates a bit as menopause approaches. The result can be more signs of sagging and skin generally looking less plump.

Dryness or a change in skin tone

It's common for skin to change over the years - perhaps it began as oily and became more balanced as you grew up. Perhaps it was dry and is now a little more oily in places. As oestrogen declines many women report further changes in their skin, including dryness.

Skincare products for hormonal balance

Plant-based spritzes for hot flashes

If skin is feeling hot and looking flushed as a result of hot flashes, the key is cooling it down. We have created dedicated morning and evening facial spritzes, designed to tone and freshen the skin, but with added natural ingredients to address some of the other side effects of perimenopause as well. For example, the Motivating Morning Facial Spritz gives you an uplifting energy boost, while the Comforting Night Facial Spritz helps to calm and prepare you for a better night's sleep.

Skincare for hot flushes

Primer for pigmentation

There are products and medications that can help to reduce pigmentation, and that's something to discuss with your doctor. However, for many women it's enough to simply help even out skin tone. Our Age Erasing Smoothing Primer can be used with or without make-up, rendered invisible once applied, and giving skin a healthy, balanced appearance.

Skincare for pigmentation

Serums for lines and wrinkles

A healthy skincare routine is the best way to support skin health. While lines and wrinkles are a natural (and beautiful) part of ageing, a good cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, super powered by plant oestrogens, is a nurturing way to help it look its best. If you want to supercharge that routine however, serums are a great skin treat. Much like our spritzes, we have morning and night options that have additional wellbeing benefits. However, both work hard to nourish skin and keep it looking healthy.

Skincare for lines and wrinkles

Face creams for collagen loss

While we can't create more collagen, we can give skin a bit of a boost to improve tone and texture. Our Menopause Collagen Face Cream plumps, nourishes and hydrates skin with the power of plants. For example, it contains neroli and vetiver which help promote cell regeneration and improve elasticity, as well as hydrating coconut oil and calming petitgrain.

Skincare for collagen loss

Itchy skin oil for dryness

Some dryness can be contended with using a good moisturiser, but sometimes dry skin needs a more targeted approach. This is where our Itchy Skin Oil is a bit of a superstar.  A multi-tasking miracle product, it is incredibly gentle, but really gets to work on dry, itches skin thanks to the use of gentle apricot kernel oil, healing calendula and rejuvenating rosehip oil. 

Skincare for dryness



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