What can worsen menopause?

There are things that can make the experience of menopause more dramatic or difficult, and there are some things that can make the symptoms worse as well.

In terms of making the symptoms worse, lifestyle factors like smoking, poor diet, lots of caffeine or even simply eating things like spicy food (not helpful for hot flushes) can make certain menopause symptoms worse but can also be managed to some extent by changes in habits and routines.

However, unavoidable things like cancer treatments or a hysterectomy can also make the experience of menopause more challenging. That’s mostly because they can induce menopause very suddenly, which can be both a physical and emotional shock in addition to dealing with the challenges of that treatment or surgery itself.  At Jennifer Young, we have often worked with women who have experienced early menopause as a result of cancer treatments, and we’re always on hand to provide support wherever we can. There are also some excellent support services, communities, and experts in early menopause to help you navigate that journey.

Do menopausal symptoms go away?

While menopausal symptoms tend to continue for around four years after your last period, for most women they do largely subside or stop. That said, everyone’s different, so some people find they last longer (or not as long).


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