What does the future of ageing look like?

As technology and science become all the more sophisticated, they’re doing little to dampen our collective obsession with ageing. In fact, it's just getting more high tech. 

The latest investment trends from on high go beyond the realms of aesthetics as we know it - something which we find an interesting area to explore when it's done properly. So, what does the future of ageing look like? 

Biological reprogramming technology

Jeff Bezos and Google have their money on "biological reprogramming technology". Discovered in 2012 by Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka, it is described as turning old cells young again. It seems to be a form of stem cell technology, and its use goes beyond ageing and into other areas of medical science. Either way, it has an initial $3 billion in backing so watch this space.

The longevity mindset

This is a really curious way of thinking that links into reprogramming. It actually sends our head into a bit of a spin. The game-changing scientists of the world are starting to explore a mindset that's less about our wrinkles and goes into a world that's almost sci-fi. They describe it as the Longevity Mindset, which Fast Company described as:

"The anti-Longevity Mindset is: mortality is inevitable, youth is fleeting. So, the Longevity Mindset is: mortality is avoidable, youth is extendable."

Their recommendations for us mere mortals who are not investing in the world of biotech, include:

  • Adapt your media consumption to change the way we think about ageing. Recommended reading evidently includes David Sinclair’s Lifespan.
  • Spend time around people who make us feel young
  • Get enough sleep because it's something we need physiologically
  • Eat nutrient rich foods and practice intermittent fasting
  • Exercise at least three times a week

Their ethos is 'ageing is a disease'... discuss?

The way we think about ageing 

As you will know if you have read some of our recent articles, we think that the way we all talk about ageing needs to change. It's something to be celebrated and we think women only get more beautiful with age (men too, but we're here talking about menopause mostly). 

That said, we also think that beauty and wellbeing is there to be enjoyed, and we all enjoy feeling our best. So, as long as everyone is safe, responsible and cared for, we think it's important to do whatever floats your boat... so to speak. As beauty fans however, we're fascinated by the industry as a whole, whether it's natural skincare or the high tech variety.



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