2022 wellness trends - leading the way in hormone balance

The Global Wellness Institute has released its 2022 Hormonal Wellness Initiative Trends, chaired by MPlus’ very own founder, Jennifer Young, and menopause is top of the agenda.

2022 Hormonal Wellness Initiative Trends

The highlighted trends for this year include:

  1. Acupuncture to be recognised as ameliorating symptoms of menopause
  2. Phytoestrogens overtake synthetics as a therapy of choice for hormone balance
  3. The incidence of quality research into menopause increases
  4. The number of accrediting bodies is expected to increase alongside improving education standards for menopause 
  5. Menopausal women are getting more comfortable in their own skin
  6. Marketing messages will normalise ageing

The clear messages from these trends are: the conversation around menopause is opening up and increased reverence and celebration of ageing is beginning to occur, rather than pretending it is not happening. Women's bodies are being treated with a greater level of respect, while holistic therapies and natural wellness solutions are beginning to be given the research time and dedication they deserve when it comes to offering wider options for managing the unwanted consequences of hormonal change.

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Changing the conversation around ageing and menopause

Alongside a call for changes in the working environment to support women as they go through menopause, there’s a greater level of conversation and understanding about what happens to women during menopause. There’s now acknowledgement of the options available to support menopausal women, through holistic therapies, nutrition and skincare, and there is a seismic shift occurring in how we talk to and about women as they age.

What's being recognised is that the wellness industry has a powerful role to play in changing the conversation, and supporting and empowering women to take charge of their hormonal health.

As Jennifer Young puts it: “We want to show how incredibly gorgeous and glamorous women are as they get older and as they go through menopause. These are not people to be ignored or shoved on a ‘shelf’, they are amazing, strong, inspiring and beautiful. My team and I want to show that women are all of these things and more, and also show that they are not diminished by menopause and they don't have to suffer - they can thrive with the right wellbeing support. That is something I firmly believe the spa industry can offer."

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