The best skincare for menopause: practically HRT in a jar

Over the course of recent articles we have endeavoured to send you the most helpful information possible on the common (but not commonly talked about) side effects of menopause, and recommended holistic solutions to support your skincare and overall wellbeing instead of or in addition to any medical support you wish to enlist.

Menopause is a journey, and while the 'acute' phase tends to last up to five years, from perimenopause to post-menopause, we experience changes over a 20 year period. So naturally, we feel it's important to find products, wellbeing practices and understanding that helps us to enjoy life to the full rather than simply enduring it until we come out the other side of fluctuating hormones.

We continuously research and update our knowledge to make sure we're providing the best menopausal skincare and wellbeing solutions, and we are entirely focused on treating the cause and making a tangible difference for the women we work with.

Here we wanted to share a little information on the spa side of what we do - hormonal balance touch treatments and coaching - providing a little extra professional support to help you have a positive menopause experience.

Specialist support for hormonal balance

The team at Jennifer Young are experts in training spa therapists to offer face and body treatments that support individuals through specific life and wellness challenges. Our background is in providing spa treatments for cancer patients. Having met many women who went into medical menopause caused by cancer treatment, it led us to look further into understanding menopause. The result was MPlus, which includes the products you now know about, as well as a dedicated suite of therapist training to offer spa treatments that support hormonal balance naturally as well.

Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapies

Our Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapies have been designed to balance hormones and support you through menopause using our plant-oestrogen fuelled MPlus skincare collection. They also combine touch, acupressure and aromatherapy to support your hormonal wellness and circadian rhythm (daily fluctuations in hormone levels which make us sleep or wake us up).

Hormonal Wellness Mentoring and Coaching

Navigating menopause isn't just about products and symptoms - it's also about mental wellbeing. Alongside our touch therapies, we developed an accredited qualification after hearing menopausal women talking again and again about how hard it is to be heard, how difficult it is to find a professional who will listen, how little information is available and how hard it is to trust the information that can be found. When you contact therapists trained by us, you know that you can trust them



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