Best Christmas gifts for women in menopause

One of the best things to come from our increasing awareness, conversation and demystifying of the menopause is that women feel more able to talk to friends and family members, especially their partners and children, about what they're finding difficult, and how they're feeling both physically and emotionally.

Hormone changes in menopause can be challenging and isolating for the individual, but it can also extremely hard on relationships as well. The greater understanding that knowledge and communication gives us means we can better support the women we love as they go through hormonal change, and while it's not our job as family members to 'fix' it, we can show that we're there for them in our thoughts and deeds.

So, when it comes to Christmas presents this year, how about choosing something that shows you heard her, you're thinking about her needs, and that will really make a difference to how she feels?

Here are our top recommended Christmas gifts for women in menopause.

To help her sleep: Relaxing Night Face Routine

Sleep is often a challenge for women in menopause - sleep disruption, difficulty getting to sleep and then feeling very tired. A luxurious bedtime routine that helps you to prepare for sleep can be a powerful way to relax the mind and body. Our Relaxing Night Face Routine includes a range of skincare products that address the skin concerns associated with menopause, but also contains essential oils such as lavender, rosewood and clary sage to help you relax.


Support a good night's sleep
Relaxing Night Face Routine


For a morning energy boost: Revitalising Motivating Morning Routine

Just as an evening routine can support a good night's sleep, a morning routine can help prepare us for the day ahead. Our Revitalising Motivating Morning Routine is the morning counterbalance to our Relaxing Night Face Routine. Women in menopause often feel a lack of motivation and energy, and this skincare and wellbeing routine not only contains plant oestrogens to boost your skin through hormone change, but it contains motivating essential oils including lemon and rosemary.


Boost your confidence
Revitalising Motivating Morning Routine


For the woman who deserves it all: Ultimate Indulgence Collection

Every woman deserves it all, and that means not simply getting through menopause but actually thriving in it as well. It's hard to believe from some of the narrative that's out there, but menopause can be a period of great positivity for women when they find support systems that work for them. We also believe that those support processes should be enjoyable, and that's what the Ultimate Indulgence Collection is all about. Combining morning and evening skincare and wellbeing routines, it's got all the good stuff in it - motivating morning skincare, relaxing evening routines, diffusers for wellbeing in the home, and beautiful plant ingredients containing natural hormones for balance.



For the woman who deserves it all
Ultimate Indulgence Collection


For home bodies: Diffuser Collection

Scent is incredibly powerful when it comes to our wellbeing. Aromatherapy using natural essential oils works by affecting the body's olfactory system, which stimulates the brain by taking a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus - the regions of the brain related to emotion and memory. As a result, it can have an almost immediate impact on how we feel. With that in mind, this Diffuser Collection, with natural scents dedicated to morning motivation and evening relaxation, are a great gift for placing around the home and helping to regulate mood at different times of the day.


Soothing your mood



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