How do you feel better during menopause?

There’s no quick fix to feeling better during menopause, but then again, there never is. 

For most people, feeling your best is about a combination of factors:

  • Lifestyle including exercise and plenty of fresh air. A study found that exercising three hours a week for a year improved physical and mental health in a group of menopausal women. 
  • A healthy diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables, and water. One observational study of 3,236 women aged 50–59 found that diets high in fruit and vegetables may lead to less bone breakdown. 
  • Sometimes the addition of hormonal therapies or medications
  • Self-care, including paying attention to your skin
  • Talking to someone - people going through the same experiences as you, loved ones or even a professional
  • Some women turn to natural supplements, but this should always be done with medical advice
  • Get your vitamin levels checked for any deficiencies
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight. It’s easier to gain weight during and after menopause, and harder to lose it, but keeping weight healthy may help to limit hot flushes and night sweats, and will also help to protect against heart disease and diabetes.

It’s important to remember that if you are struggling, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak to your GP.



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