Dr. Stephen Humble talks aesthetics and menopause

Dr. Stephen Humble


How does the world of aesthetics relate to women reaching the age of menopause?

Aesthetic medicine can reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate dull tired skin and wrinkles. Aesthetic doctors often have worked for years in medical practice before specialising in aesthetics and can utilise safe techniques with minimal downtime to achieve effective results and avoid the need for a surgical facelift and avoid the risk of surgery. The non-surgical facelift is an excellent overview of all the areas that can be enhanced in women reaching the age of menopause, but all of the techniques may be used in a standalone fashion. The combination of injectable treatment and medical grade skincare gives the best result possible for maximum revitalisation.


What is my favourite treatment?

My favourite treatment is the non-surgical facelift (NSFL) that enables me to rejuvenate the entire face for a fraction of the cost of a surgical facelift and without the downtime or risks associated with invasive surgery. In the Hedox clinic, our NSFL is formulated differently for each and every patient. However, it typically involves 3-area Botox to the upper face, 3.5ml of hyaluronic acid dermal filler and a free cosmeceutical to optimise skin texture and tone. 


What is a V shaped face?

A V shaped face is shorthand for replacing lost volume in the cheeks and chin while also tightening a sagging jawline. Thus promoting a feminine and youthful V shape, in contrast to a more masculine ‘square’ jawline.


What is my focus?

My focus is on achieving effective yet natural results that make people feel happy to be ‘in their own skin.’ This means that I try to make people with dull or wrinkled skin look a fresher or perhaps younger version of themselves rather than looking strange or false in any way. I can do this using a combination of Botox, dermal fillers and medical grade skincare available in the world. The aim of treatment is to focus on facial rejuvenation rather than correcting skin pathology such as eczema or psoriasis in the way a Dermatologist would do.


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