Meet our MPlus model: Zoe

Zoe was one of the models who joined our photoshoot for MPlus. As a woman who is going through menopause as well as a skincare therapist who supports other menopausal women, she had some very wise words to impart about her experience.

What has been your experience of menopause?

Personally it has been more about the psychological impact - anxiety and things. However, as a skincare therapist I've worked with many menopausal women who experience a range of menopausal symptoms from hot flushes to mood swings, brain fog and more.

As a therapist, how can you help menopausal women?

I think coming in for that little bit of time to yourself, that TLC, and having time out of everyday life situations is so helpful, far more than people realise.

What's your top hate about menopause?

The brain fog, the anxiety, and just feeling a bit lost sometimes. I think lots of women experience those things.

What are your top three tips?

  1. Take care of yourself! That self-care, taking time out to look after yourself is really important.
  2. Exercise - I started yoga and I really think it helps to make you feel good.
  3. Explain what you're going through to your loved ones.

What are the best things that come with age?

Not really caring what other people think so much any more and just going with life.

How has your relationship changed?

I do try to explain to my husband when I'm not feeling so good or moody. I think he already knows, but I think it helps your family to keep communication going and then giving yourself some space.

Do you think you could help your clients more if they spoke openly about menopause?

I think people do speak more about menopause these days, to me as a therapist anyway, and yes I think it really helps women to speak to one another about it.



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