Sleep Disturbance During Menopause

Sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbance is very common during menopause but women’s experiences vary greatly. Some women struggle to get to sleep but then they get a full night’s rest, while others wake during the night for a myriad of reasons, from night sweats to needing to go to the toilet. However you experience it, sleep disturbance in menopause generally comes from the same cause - a drop in hormones.

The things that can help depend on how you are experiencing sleep disturbance. For example, some women find that a relaxation routine before bed helps them to get to sleep, if you’re experiencing hot flushes then HRT might be the right option for you, or if you’re experiencing urinary symptoms, then local oestrogen therapy might help.

Here, GP Dr. Verity Biggs, a contributor to MPlus, gives a short introduction to sleep disturbance and the menopause.

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