We hear a lot about headaches – it is one of the 34 symptoms of menopause and is common to all three stages of menopause.

There are many and varied reasons for menopause headaches but, the reasons don’t always matter, if we know how to treat the headaches.  Our lovely Dr Humble of the Harley Street Hedox Clinic gives us some very good advice. Prior to focussing on his Harley Street Clinic Dr Humble used to work as a pain management consultant in the NHS. He has brought his expertise with him and now treats migraines using botox.  

If you prefer a more natural approach that is by no means evidence based, you could try our Well Being Beauty MentaI Clarity Collection. Unlike Dr Humble, I don’t ever claim to give medical advice and I don’t cure anything.

I formulated a well-being collection using ingredients thought to alleviate some conditions. The Well Being Beauty Mental Clarity Body Oil uses Lavender and Eucalyptus Essential oils in the hope of reducing the impact of some headaches. 

Headaches can be a consequence of menopause and they can be an indication of a condition requiring medical attention  - please do not use the Mental Clarity products until medical attention has been sought and the medical team have discharged you in relation to your headaches. 


Need a spritz best suited for skin undergoing menopause?