Menopause is a cycle of life

Take control of your menopause.

Is your menopause controlling you or are you in control of your menopause?

Dionne, an holistic therapist and ex-mental health social worker, has made a decision to take control of her menopause, rather than allowing it to hijack her.

Sounds easy right?

Not really….

How can you take control of something which is biologically predestined?

I suggest you start by learning about the biology of the three stages of menopause and, more importantly recognise which stage you are at, take a look at how it affects you.

When you have the basics covered, listen to yourself and observe your experiences. Recently, a complementary healthcare practitioner told me that anxiety was an inevitable consequence of aging. His theory was that even those who had been laid back and risk taking (it is possible to be both at the same time) would become twitchy, anxious and conservative in their outlook and actions.

As I am the laid back risk-taker, this is bad news. The good news that, now alerted to this sad possibility, I am ever-vigilant. If I notice a change in my self-talk, I can have a word.

You may want to use this simple technique, observation and acceptance alongside a strategy to influence your hormonally driven changes, psychologically and physically. Managing your self-talk may help you to recognise a shift towards low mood and anxiety.

Checking out the physical manifestations of changing hormones and, more importantly, the triggers, can help you to manage those triggers. Alcohol is a great place to start. You are not alone if you begin to drink more, or differently as you navigate a changed landscape.

Neither are you alone if alcohol is no longer your friend. Try to take note (a diary if you have to) of your alcohol intake and your mood as well as the frequency and severity of your hot flushes (hot flashes). My money (betting addictions is another blog) is on there being a link between alcohol intake and low mood and another between alcohol intake and hot flushes (hot flashes).

Back to Dionne, if you, like her, decide to take control of your menopause, rather than have it control you, your discoveries may lead you to put the glass down.

It’s not just alcohol, it is different for everyone, notice your mind, notice your body, realise that you can take control and do it.

I appreciate that this is easy to say. In reality you may have a mountain to climb, but at least you have found the footpaths.

Happy trekking.


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