Who will listen to your menopause talk?

Who will listen when most won’t?

We are can do – we can do anything, face anything and achieve anything.  Forewarned is forearmed – what can we do when no-one will listen to our menopausal chatter?

I feel as though we should have a whole series on how to get a doctor to listen when going through menopause – my top tips:

    • Have a clear objective
    • Keep your objective at the front of your mind
    • Know your facts (there are NICE Guidelines relating to Menopause)
    • Be mindful of what a doctor can do (usually prescribe)
    • Research social prescriptions and ask about them at your surgery
    • Speak in the same language as your doctor – don’t talk energy and vibes, talk UTIs and IVs

If you prefer a smaller mountain and need to heard, take Jane’s advice and speak to other women.  Many tell us that touch therapists are good listeners  - bonus, have your nails done, get a massage and chat as you go.

If you don’t have a beauty budget (who even knew that was a thing?) and can’t talk to your friends (or partner) go back to the healthcare option, with the clear intention of finding a local menopause support group. Menopause cafes are popping up all over the place. This might seem daunting but if there isn’t one in your workplace or local area – you could start one – you need one, as the gorgeous Jane says, ‘you are not alone’.

Let us know if you have a great local support network or if you are going to start one – we will spread the word.


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