Thriving Trough Menopause - Top Tips

Top tips for thriving throughout the menopausal years

Talking, talking and talking menopause  with a bit of listening thrown in.

The ladies who give us advice on coping with menopause always come back to effective and open communication. The trick, it seems, is in finding someone to talk to.

Our gorgeous Zoe, a facial therapist specialising in menopausal skin, recognises her value, not only does she provide her clients with glowing skin whilst making them look 20 years younger (if that is their desire), she does a great line in listening too.

Along with the lovely Jane and the marvellous Naomi, Zoe listens to her clients when they tell her about their menopausal experiences. As Jane powerfully demonstrates, knowing that one is not alone lifts a burden. A shared experience can lead to a solution being shared too.

The communication doesn’t have to be with a therapist, you can chat with a medical professional, a life coach, a psychic, a psychologist or, maybe your husband. I realise one of those options is more controversial than the others (no, I don’t mean the psychic).

Team M+ hear a lot about husbands and partners and how they don’t understand/have no clue/wonder what is wrong. I have a suggestion (I stole it from Zoe) – tell him how you feel, explain why and let him know what he can do to help.

Let us know how you get on. 


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