Meet Elaine Boddy, Sourdough Baker & Cookbook Writer

Meet Elaine Boddy

Elaine Boddy, aka The Sourdough Whisperer, is 51-years-old and she’s a sourdough baker, teacher and cookbook writer. A wife and mum, she cherishes her husband, 20-year-old son and her dog, but she’s also passionate about showing people the simplicity with which sourdough can be made.

Sourdough’s magic comes from having been made through the fermentation of dough using wild lactobacillaceae and yeast. It’s the lactic acid from the fermentation process that gives it its sour taste, but it also provides lots of wellbeing benefits. It helps to keep blood sugar and insulin levels balanced, as well as acting as a prebiotic, which means it’s great for the gut.

Gut health is important for everyone, but for women going through menopause, it can be a particularly helpful addition to your diet, helping to ease disruption to digestion, as well as maintain hormone balance and a healthy weight. 

As a contributor to MPlus, her guidance and enthusiasm is invaluable.

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