Ask a doctor - menopause night sweats, anxiety and depression

In addition to night sweats, hot flushes (hot flashes), what are the most common concerns reported by women 45-60?

I would say the most common concerns reported by women in the age range of 45-60 would be hormonal issues, along with changing periods, and preventing chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes and ageing before their time. 

For the hormonal changes, it is quite typical that some women have not realised what is happening, and may report symptoms of anxiety, low mood, irritability.

Which one do you find most challenging to deal with?

It can be challenging to deal with these issues, particular with the anxiety and mood changes.  Some, and treat the symptom rather than the cause.  However, I tend to enquire further around these symptoms, and try and draw out other issues, and by doing this, I can then piece together what is happening.  For some ladies, this is eye opening as they hadn’t thought about menopause and feel relieved, but for others this can be a shock and they might not feel ready for it.  And so, you must approach this sensitively and treat each woman as an individual.


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