Dating as you grow older - growing apart

Women in their fifties are dating again – in droves, luckily, so are men in the same age group (and younger). There are a multitude of reasons for dating re-entry. I am sure you can relate.

You meet, you fall in love, get married or somehow commit and then life happens. There are always distractions, it might be children, career, illness, wellness or parents, somehow, things are not as they were.

Our dating and relationship coach Alex Mellor Brook explains how relationships can change over the course of a lifetime and how, when women are in their fifties, the prospect of moving on and dating can be terrifying. 

The world of dating has changed, online dating apps have taken over but there are still some alternative ‘routes to market’.

Alex gives us some explanations and some practical hints and tips in this, the first of a series of helpful videos. 

If you are newly single, whatever the reason, Alex is full of profound advice on a series of topics and issues, including how to get back into the dating process as you grow older


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