Can a woman get pregnant after menopause?

Can a woman get pregnant after menopause?

You can still fall pregnant during perimenopause, but once you’ve reached full menopause the body no longer produces eggs, so you can’t become pregnant naturally. That said, courtesy of modern science, some women have had babies after menopause using donor eggs.

Many women who become pregnant in their 50's tell us they had assumed that their periods had stopped forever. It is important to remember that periods can become irregular during perimenopause and one should not assume infertility.

Some of the many women becoming mothers in their 50s have done so through choice but may have used donor eggs as fertility decreases. The British Fertility Society report that fertility levels have dropped by the age of 35.

Can periods restart after menopause?

No. Menopause marks the end of your periods, so once you have gone for 12 consecutive months without menstruation you are considered to have reached menopause. If you experience bleeding after menopause, you should see your doctor.


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