Do you age faster after menopause?

There’s ongoing research as to whether you actually age faster after menopause or whether it’s just part of the ageing process. The evidence, however, is beginning to point towards the answer ‘yes’ - it does speed up ageing.

Time Magazine reported:

“Steve Horvath, professor of human genetics and biostatistics at University of California Los Angeles, and his team measured the changes in a group of women’s DNA and concluded that the cells of women who had experienced menopause speed up ageing processes by about 6%.”

It was based on a study of 3,100 women, analysing changes in the DNA called epigenetic alterations that serve as a marker for a cell’s age.

How you take that information is up to you. After all, getting older can be a beautiful thing - and a privilege. However, we don’t always feel that way all of the time.




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