Hair- shampoo, vitamins and leg hair

What shampoo helps with menopause? 

Can shampoo really make a difference during menopause? For lots of women it’s about finding something gentle, that soothes the scalp, moisturises hair if it’s becoming dry or brittle, and for some women they may want to choose a shampoo that helps with hair thinning. There are lots of products on the market, so you may want to speak to your hairdresser to get their advice. However, we would always recommend the gentle route, with a product like our Jennifer Young Hair Loss Shampoo which enhances texture, body and volume.


What vitamins are good for hair loss during menopause?

Before taking any vitamin supplements, you should always speak to your doctor or a medical professional. That said, vitamins C, B and A have been shown to have some impact on hair health in studies. Vitamin C is typically associated with maintaining hair health during menopause. Vitamin B12 and iron can also help your hair's natural growth cycle to improve.

The emphasis with these vitamins in research is that it’s more that a deficiency in them might lead to a loss of hair and hair health, as opposed to them having a positive impact simply by taking them regardless. Therefore, testing to see if you have developed a vitamin deficiency might help you to navigate the right path for you. 


Does leg hair stop growing in menopause?

Leg hair doesn’t stop growing after menopause, but it does lessen. Along with arm pit hair and pubic hair, leg hair and body hair tends to become more sparse following menopause. It can also lose pigment. It’s all as a result of a drop in oestrogen levels.



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