Meera's Menopause Experience

During this video interview, Jennifer speaks to menopause expert and founder of Meera’s Made from Scratch, Meera Bhogal, about all things menopause and her journey of staying healthy during it.

Meera talks about her own personal menopause journey-how developing menopause symptoms at 40 (including hair falling out; skin changes; joint and lagging energy) led to her start a whole new journey exploring exercise (specifically weightlifting), wholefoods and nutrition.

Meera’s GP said she was not menopausal, was told she was too young and offered antidepressants which were really not what she needed, so she turned to herbs, spices, whole foods and explored what was happening inside; loss of collagen, estrogen, progesterone were all playing their part.

In this chat, Meera discusses lots of elements that centre around healthy living and menopause. She talked about the best foods to include in a diet to help menopause-such as collagen, zinc (collagen is particularly important as we get older because we become less efficient at making collagen ourselves). Women going through menopause benefit greatly from supplementing collagen because the loss of estrogen and hormonal changes will have an even more significant impact on our collagen levels. Meera explains the type of foods that can be useful to introduce when you’re going through the menopause and the nutritional benefits.

It was this journey that led Meera to create her brand Meera’s Made from Scratch. In this chat, she discusses the exciting journey she went on to create her products. Meera wanted the shop to be a one stop shop for people who wanted gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free foods that were not processed and without preservatives. Many people opt for a free from diet but find the usual alternatives are crammed with sugar and other preservatives.


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