Dating as you grow older - finding those who can relate

Starting to date again as you grow older can be daunting. So many thoughts, worries and fears will be bouncing around in your head.

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only person going through this and I, relationship coach Alex Mellor-Brook,  going to give you a little insight into how you can get yourself date-ready.

Gather round you a strong support network of friends and family

Find people who have your back, so if you stumble they’re there to help pick you up.

Cut out those who don't want the best for you.

It may hurt temporarily but, in the long run, cutting out negativity and keeping those who boost you can only result in self-confidence, positivity and happiness.

Find people who can relate

Once you gain a little confidence, try to go out and meet new people, have fun, join groups and take part in activities.

Find people in similar situations so you can talk things through and share your thoughts, experiences and fears.

Try activities that put you outside of your comfort zone.

Stop dating before you start. Find yourself, who you have become after all this time and, in doing so, grasp a greater understanding of what you want from your life ahead.


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